Coil Temperature Distribution

AnnealMax® Benefits

· Better Product Uniformity within Coils.

Uniform hardness, yield strength, tensile strength, total elongation and r-value.

· Consistent Product Quality from Coil to Coil.

· Improved Productivity.

Shortens heating and cycle time.

Determines split time from hot spot prediction during cooling and shortens cooling phase.

· Energy and Consumable Cost Savings.

Shortens heating times through cold spot coasting and better definition of coil temperature distribution.

· Dynamic Updating.

Eliminates conservatism that is introduced by adding excessive heating time to compensate for missed furnace set points.

· Highly Flexible.

Allows the effect of product mix with respect to coil dimensions to be determined.

Cycles directed to a specific customer’s requirements can be easily created and analyzed.

Improved methods of determining cycle steps and annealing time.


AnnealMax® is a registered trademark of Analysis and Applications Associates, Inc.