Analysis and Applications Associates, Inc. (AAA) was established in 1991 to provide expert engineering, design, analysis and research to industrial and aerospace customers.  Our technical areas of expertise include fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, the thermal sciences, computer systems and computer application programming.  AAA personnel and consultants are senior engineers and scientist with extensive aerospace development experience and are authors of numerous papers in their respective areas of expertise.

Since 1991, AAA engineers have developed and provided furnace control software to the steel and automotive industries .  We are very familiar with the host treatment process for cold-rolled steel.  In 2000, we made significant improvements and refinements to the Level 2 bell annealing software for a major steel producer.  We continue to support and add capabilities to that software.  In 2006, AAA recognized the need for a tool that models furnace equipment from various manufacturers and  developed AnnealMax®.

Focused on providing the customer with a quality product, AAA is responsive to the customer's requirements while keeping costs low.  Our corporation is engineer owned and managed and can provide timely performance to changing engineering, analysis and design needs.

About Us

AnnealMax® is a registered trademark of Analysis and Applications Associates, Inc.